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A spacious and bright Italian restaurant is located in the heart of St. Petersburg - near the Savior on the Blood in a two-story wing of the Mikhailovsky Garden. From the windows there are beautiful views of the Mikhailovsky Park, the embankment of the Moika River and the facades of the Stables department.

The interior of the restaurant is designed in classic Italian style. There are two cozy halls and a large terrace overlooking the Mikhailovsky Park. In the menu of the restaurant, home-cooked Italian cuisine is combined with Mediterranean cuisine, while the pizza in the restaurant is prepared by a professional pizzaiolo in a wood-fired oven.

1-st floor

The main room where guests meet and escort them to the tables. The hall is made in light beige tones and represents the most real pizzeria where a specially trained pro-pizza-yollo conjures near the stove.

Only in our restaurant you can taste the true Italian pizza and pasta!

Number of seats 50.

2-nd floor

On the second floor there is a cozy hall with Venetian masks on the walls, light furniture with velvet seats and sofas. The light penetrates through the glass sloping ceiling of the attic, from which fascinating views are opened.

Number of seats 60.


A large bright hall with a very cozy atmosphere and views of the Mikhailovsky Park. Thanks to the glazing, guests can enjoy the beauty of the Mikhailovsky Park and the Moika Embankment all year round.

Number of seats 80.

Restaurant working hours:

Mon-Th: from 11am to 12pm

Kitchen: from 11am to 11pm

Pizza: from 11am to 12pm

Fri.-Sat: from 11am to 1pm

Kitchen: from 11am to 12pm

Pizza: from 11am to 1pm


Welcome to "Giuseppe Park"
+7 812 565-54-55, park-rst@mail.ru
St. Petersburg, nab. Channel Griboyedov, 2B
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