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Salad with tomatoes
390 rub

Salad with chicken fillet and grilled pumpkin
460 rub

Salad with watermelon and homemade cheese
360 rub

Salad with vegetables, served with sour cream or olive oil
390 rub

Salad with vegetables and ricotta cheese
490 rub

Okroshka (cold kvass soup with chopped vegetables and meat)
350 rub

Cold borsch with sour cream
350 rub

Chicken fillet with grilled pineapple
420 rub


Non alcohol Aperol
300 ml 230/ 1l 590 rub...

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Now in our restaurant every day our guests receive discounts

10% discount for the birthday
the discount is valid for 3 days before and after the birthday when the confirmation document

30% discount on wine when ordering a takeaway

10% discount when ordering with you

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Pancakes for every taste and purse in the heart of Petersburg!

Roll with pancake and red caviar 390 rub. 120 \ 20 \ 15 gr.
Pancake cake with chicken paste 300 rub. 175 gr.
Pancakes with salmon and mozzarella 600 rub. 300 gr.
Pancakes with duck 600 rub. 310 gr.
Orange pancakes with ice cream 350 rub. 220 \ 30 gr.
Pancakes with a choice of sauce (honey, sour cream, raspberry sauce, blackcurrant sauce, custard) 250 rub. 150 \ 50 gr.
Pancakes with black caviar 3500 rub. 100 \ 20 \ 20 gr....

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For those who fast! Welcome.

Salad with savoy cabbage 350 rub.
Salad with radish, cucumber, apple and fennel 490 rub.

Tomato 350 rub.
Minestrone 290 rub.
Broccoli and spinach 290 rub.
Pumpkin 350 rub.

Hot dishes
Baked beets with dried tomatoes and soya sour cream 450 rub.
Cauliflower in Alfredo sauce 420 rub.
Fried potatoes with oyster mushrooms and champignons 370 rub.
Spaghetti in Alfredo sauce 420 rub.
Spaghetti ALA NORM 450 rub.

Coconut pakakot...

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A little more than a month left until the new year! It's time to decide where you want your innermost wish !!! We have prepared for you a huge number of surprises!
Ice Ice Show
Animator for children
Ded Moroz and Snegurochka
Prizes and gifts
Live music and dj
Leading New Year's Eve
the details and booking of tables on New Year's night by phone. 973-09-43.
There are a few tables left !!!

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Delicious autumn for your favorite guests
Slices of tuna on spinach with eggplant puree 320 rub.
Salad with tongue and pumpkin 370 rub.
Murmansk cod with bulgur 440 rub.
Duck breast with spinach 480 rub.
Rack of lamb with figs 680 rub.
Veal ribs with spicy mango sauce 690 rub.
Chocolate mousse with raspberry 280 rub.
Mousse of passion fruit 280 rub.
Chocolate ravioli 340 rub.

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Great news for those who visit our restaurant for lunch! Now every sixth dinner for you as a gift! Just do not forget to put a seal on a special coupon.

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We will be glad to see you at the celebration of the New Year 2017 in our restaurant. All the details can be obtained from our managers by phone. 973-09-43
Information on the New Year's Eve in our restaurant 1. The gathering of guests for the celebration of the New Year is scheduled for 22:30 on December 31, 2016.
The program is designed up to 3 hours 01/01/2017. 2. The restaurant is divided into two thematic areas, this is a terrace and the 2nd floor. The terrace is supposed to be celebrat...

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Autumn has come. And we are also warm and cozy. So also the new seasonal menu
Salad with duck breast 480
Tomatoes with Buratta cheese 790
Salad with baked vegetables and mozzarella 550
Salad with rocket salad, mozzarella and Parma 530
Cold starters
Bruschetta with crab 250
Bruschetta with artichoke and veal 250
Bruschetta with salted salmon 250
Assorted bruschetta 650

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From April 22 already in our restaurant! We are approaching Spring as best we can.
In the updated menu appeared more than 10 new items

Tar-tar with tuna and scallop
Bruschetta with mozzarella and tomatoes
Bruschetta with crab and avocado
Bruschetta with artichokes and veal
Tomato soup with mozzarella
Tomatoes with burrata cheese
Cold smoked tuna salad with nut sauce
Risotto with shrimps and squid
Risotto with veal cheeks
Pappardelle with rabbit
Pasta with shrimps in pesto sauce

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