Autumn menu. Version 2016.

Autumn has come. And we are also warm and cozy. So also the new seasonal menu
Salad with duck breast 480
Tomatoes with Buratta cheese 790
Salad with baked vegetables and mozzarella 550
Salad with rocket salad, mozzarella and Parma 530
Cold starters
Bruschetta with crab 250
Bruschetta with artichoke and veal 250
Bruschetta with salted salmon 250
Assorted bruschetta 650
Hot appetizers
Phalanx of roasted king crab 750
Phalanx of king crab with cream and spinach 890
Spicy tomato soup with seafood 450
Pumpkin soup 350
Spicy meat soup with lentils 450
Pizza with salmon and broccoli with cream sauce 680
Hot dishes
Duck breast with beet and raspberry sauce 650
Osobuko with mashed potatoes 690
Grilled scallops with mashed potatoes and truffle oil 750
Seabass fillet with crispy crust on mashed potatoes with crab 850
Squid stuffed with feta cheese 570
Taten with pumpkin 320
Curd cream with blackcurrant coolie 270
Cakes Cones 290