Meet the new 2017 in the heart of Petersburg with us.

We will be glad to see you at the celebration of the New Year 2017 in our restaurant. All the details can be obtained from our managers by phone. 973-09-43
Information on the New Year's Eve in our restaurant 1. The gathering of guests for the celebration of the New Year is scheduled for 22:30 on December 31, 2016.
The program is designed up to 3 hours 01/01/2017. 2. The restaurant is divided into two thematic areas, this is a terrace and the 2nd floor. The terrace is supposed to be celebrated by noisy companies, and on the second floor there is an evening of quiet music in a cozy home atmosphere in a Venetian style. 2.1 Terrace program: Congratulation from the President of the Russian Federation LIVE MUSIC Host of the show program and Dj, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden
2.2 The program of the second floor: Congratulation from the President of the Russian Federation Father Frost and Snow Maiden Live piano performance 3. Booking and sale are carried out in a restaurant. The ticket price on the terrace is 10,000 rubles. with a person on the second floor 8 000 rubles. For children 4000 rubles. Children under 6 years old are free of charge. New Year's menu included in the price of the invitation
Cold appetizers: Fruit basket, fish set: salmon tartar on a rye bread crisp, red caviar salad, bruschetta with salmon, anchovy bruschetta, tuna mousse with Crimet cheese, potato with herring on rye bread. Meat plateau, roast beef, tongue beef, rabbit roll. Anti Masti Masti, Parma with melon, Parmesan cheese crushed, caprese on skewers with cherry and basil, Set: olives marinated in herbs, mushroom pate, meat pate, fusini, crozine. Hot snacks: shrimp on skewers, salmon with zucchini in bacon. Salads: vegetable salad with mango and homemade cheese, olive with roast beef, salmon with yoghurt and egg poached on spinach.
Hot dishes (to choose from): lamb kebab with young potatoes in herbs, seabass fillet with baked vegetables, braised rabbit with green peas puree. Italian bread basket (Grisini and ciabatta) Drinks and sparkling wine without restrictions.
ORDER TICKETS FOR THE BODY. 973-09-43, 571-73-09