Lenten menu. Version 2018

For those who fast! Welcome.

Salad with savoy cabbage 350 rub.
Salad with radish, cucumber, apple and fennel 490 rub.

Tomato 350 rub.
Minestrone 290 rub.
Broccoli and spinach 290 rub.
Pumpkin 350 rub.

Hot dishes
Baked beets with dried tomatoes and soya sour cream 450 rub.
Cauliflower in Alfredo sauce 420 rub.
Fried potatoes with oyster mushrooms and champignons 370 rub.
Spaghetti in Alfredo sauce 420 rub.
Spaghetti ALA NORM 450 rub.

Coconut pakakota 290 rub.